CEO Newsletter – February 2019


Hello Kennedy Care Family!

Welcome to our first CEO Newsletter. When I founded Kennedy Care over 15 years ago my primary goal was to connect compassionate & caring members of the community with isolated seniors in their homes.

With that same intention in mind, we seek to continue to connect us all by producing a source for up-to-date news of what innovations we are making at Kennedy Care. Whether you are a cherished client, valued employee, or a trusted partner to our agency, this newsletter is for you. The connections we create in this life are our most valuable resource and often our purist source of joy. It’s this connection we hope to continue to foster both through our services and hopefully even through these newsletters. We hope it brings a smile when you see us in your inbox 🙂

KC Service Updates

Over the past 6 months, we’ve shifted our services to become a care management model that’s already proving to be valuable to our clients, caregivers and business partners. We now have RNs & MSWs leading client interactions with a major time investment on the front end to establish smart care plans, collaborate with other providers, provide client-specific training, and provide a more regular physical presence in our clients’ homes. This clinical focus is just one of the many ways that we are seeking ever-improving, consistent quality.

Additionally, as of January 2019, we have introduced a new service to the KC umbrella which is geriatric care management. This is another way for our clinicians to add unique value to our clients. Now, an experienced healthcare professional can assist our clients & their family members both with services related to home care as well as other facets of their care as their needs change. The intention is to now be there to assist with navigating either the long-term care spectrum or the road to rehabilitation & recovery.

As far as we know, this change makes Kennedy Care the only agency in Michigan employing this care management model as a means to delivering high-quality non-medical home care services.

Call us today to speak to an intake specialist and learn more – 734-657-3528

KC Core Values

The how and the why behind what we do. These core values aren’t for show. These are the values that drive who and how we hire, review, promote and recognize our staff. If we’re not adhering to these values, we want to hear about it.

  • Love Others Like Family
  • Stay Positive
  • Be Authentic
  • Persevere
  • Strive for Consistent Quality

  • 2018 Caregivers of the Month

    Each month our management team votes on who we believe are our caregivers of the month based on how they displayed our core values and went above & beyond for their clients. With over 150 caregivers on our team, we usually have a tough time and debate on the winners since we have so many incredible people working for us. To give them the recognition they more than deserve, here is a recap of our 2018 winners:

    Quarter 1:
    Stefanie Woosley
    Kerissa Donaldson
    Jowarna Jants-James
    Deb Swanson

    Quarter 2:
    Mary Ellen Russell
    Taquna Scales
    John Roberts
    Cherise Mancini
    Quarter 3:
    Judy Rockwell
    Jovita Jones
    Jina Song

    Quarter 4:
    Tasha Campbell
    Kali Alhousseini-Goga
    Mary Ellen Russell
    Brenda Croyle

    Quick Tips

    Something that our administrative team is frequently assisting with is sharing schedules whether it be for that particular day, week, or even month. This is especially important when our staff is working with multiple families or vice versa when a family we serve is receiving care from multiple caregivers. 

    But did you know… our scheduling software, Generations, allows both our clients and caregivers the ability to view their schedule in live form at any time? 

    How it works – as a family member or caregiver you download the Generations app by searching “Generations Homecare” in the app store. Once downloaded, contact a member of our administrative team who will create a unique login for your use. This same login information can then be shared with other members of your family that you’d like to share access to. That’s it! 

    Parting Thoughts

    Throughout my 15 years in this field, I have always tried to be a student to best practices.  We continually seek out relationships with innovators in our industry around the nation, we read about the latest technologies & care techniques, and we attend industry events. All of this contributes to the evolution of Kennedy Care in the pursuit of continuous improvement. 

    The recent changes that we outlined in this newsletter are a reflection of that learning. Countless hours have been spent in our office planning & implementing these innovations yet, we are still learning and iterating as we go. We hope to continue to hear from you so you can teach us how to add even more value to your lives.

    I truly appreciate you all for trusting us with some of the most important aspects of your lives. It’s a privilege that I think about often and so I can’t thank you all enough.

    I too am personally in constant pursuit of more knowledge in an effort to live the best life possible. So I’ll leave you with a tidbit of enlightenment at the end of each of these newsletters.

    This time, I leave you with this short, simple list

    Founder & CEO
    David Kennedy

    With love, 

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