Employee Newsletter – January 2021


January 2021

Welcome to Kennedy Care’s Life Care Connection monthly employee newsletter – your source for important announcements and resources. Great things are happening at Kennedy Care and we want to share the news with our trusted and valued employees!

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Day of appointment:

  • You will be required to show your KC badge or paystub.
  • You will be asked to schedule the second and final shot of the vaccine series. 

Please welcome the newest members of the KC team!

  • Michelle Anderson, Recruiter
  • Kelly Barker, Administrative Assistant,  KC Management 
  • Cari Glynn, Recruiter for Patriot Care 
  • Evan Maley, HR Intern
  • Keiana Rogers-Banks, Care Coordinator with Patriot Care  
  • Breanne Slossar, Payroll and HR Specialist

Welcome to the KC family! 

Our company is growing and we need additional, trusted Life Care Professionals! If you know someone who might be interested in joining our team, let your Care Coordinators know so we can reach out to them. You will receive a $150 referral bonus once they reach 90 days with us.

We give out several of these referral bonuses each week…so this is real!! 

Payroll Updates

Introducing Paylocity!

You can win money by logging on to our new payroll system, Paylocity! Three employees will be selected at random for $25 bonus prizes.  All you have to do is log on at least once, and you will automatically be eligible to win. 

Click here to register on Paylocity or download the app. Select “Register New User,” then enter your information and use Company ID 130362 (Kennedy Care) or 130363 (Safe at Home). 
For full instructions, please access the KC Employee Portal at kennedycare.com/employees, password KC2018, to review the document Paylocity Self-Registration: Kennedy Care.
Kennedy Care – Timesheets are due Monday every week by 12 pm (noon)Safe At Home – Timesheets are due within 24 hours of your shiftPaper timesheets are available by request for those without internet timesheets@kennedycare.com

⏰ COVID-19 Vaccine Course ⏰

Get paid to learn! Kennedy Care Academy provides courses to help you meet compliance requirements, expand your professional skillset, and increase your paycheck. 

We are pleased to offer a COVID-19 Vaccine course where you’ll learn about phases of administration, availability, safety, frequently asked questions, and myths debunked.

The COVID-19 vaccine is not a KC requirement, but it is strongly encouraged. By getting vaccinated, you help keep our clients, families, and yourself protected. 

Email classroom_teachers@kennedycare if you have questions about the course.

We would like to recognize some of our very special Life Care Professionals! They are chosen by their respective teams and each brings amazing caregiving, compassion, and love to our clients and families. Thank you for going the extra mile with your care!

Patriot Care: Briana Rosebrugh
Complete Care: Kalynn Volz
Catastrophic Care: Christina Teller
Safe at Home: Aaron Belin 
Share the Care: Marilynn Putnam

Congratulations, LCPs!

Share the Care/All Seasons Update

All Seasons opens this week! All Seasons is a new luxury independent living community in Ann Arbor. The clients live independently but might need help with a few things such as shower assistance or medication assistance. We hope to get our first Share the Care (STC) client as residents begin to move in. For STC at All Seasons, we will be creating wellness packages based on individual needs, providing high-end quality care, and expanding the STC program.

Safe At Home Child Care Updates

Safe At Home is growing! The team reports starting five new, ongoing cases just this week! That number reflects continued growth from 2020, in which SAH worked with more than 400 new families. Great job, team!

Kennedy Care Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Happy New Year, KC family! As we look forward to the new year and put the tumultuous 2020 in our rearview, a lot of people are bringing their focus to new beginnings, including New Year’s resolutions. This is a tradition that dates back several centuries, with the Roman God Janus representing gateways, doors and transitions. 

This year in particular, many of us are planning to bring light into 2021 in various ways – volunteering, giving blood (January is National Blood Donation month, after all!), mental health wellness and more. Below, we have included many ways that you can shape the New Year to fit your needs and expectations. The last link in this bunch even includes organizer templates to help guide you in achieving your personal and professional goals. 

From all of us at KC, thank you so much for your work and dedication throughout 2020, despite its many challenges – we cannot wait to see what 2021 has in store!

National Blood Donation Month

Getting Started with Volunteering

Achievable New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, New Theme – Take Time for Yourself

Happy Birthday!

We hope you all have an amazing day with your friends and family.

Mikayla Brush 
Rebecca Maley

Olivia Emond
Evan Maley

Caitlynn Elliott
Claudia Grant

Holly Gault

Krystal Buckner
Catherine Stone
Marlicia White

Nichole Davis

Krysta Gravelle
Sarah Smith

Nicole Harris
Sere Koita
Zachary Petroni

Sara Hauxwell
Kendra Pero
Paulette Mason
Mary Ellen Russell
Rachel Cress
Michelle Sanford

Tabatha Slinker

Alexis Parrish

Kim Dake

Leanne Fichtner
Sydney Pree

Devona Strode

Anne Pontz

Frances Cutsinger
Kandi Gruber
Diane Raymond

Stacey Johns

Chiffon Walker

Denise Kennedy

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