Employee Newsletter – August 2020


Employee Newsletter

Welcome to the new Kennedy Care monthly employee newsletter! Here, you will find important announcements, celebrations, new hire details, and company information we think you’d like to hear about. Great things are happening at Kennedy Care and we want to share the good news regularly with all of you…our trusted and valued employees!

Team Updates

Kate Bechtel-Akhtar
Director of Human Resources
Kate Steffes
Administrative Assistant
Kate is an HR professional with over 15 years’ experience working from Chicago to Las Vegas. She holds a master’s degree in Organizational Behavior. Her undergraduate schooling was spent at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Kate is thrilled to be moving back home after years away!Kate is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Health Administration. She is passionate about helping others and loves working in the healthcare field. She also enjoys listening to music, reading, and spending time outdoors. 

Welcome to the KC family, Kate and Kate!

Exciting News For Our Caregivers

This past month, we launched our new  Kennedy Care Academy program for our valued caregivers. Additionally, all our caregivers now have a new title: Life Care Professional (LCP).

Learn what being a Life Care Professional means to us. 

Through our Kennedy Care Academy, we will be providing LCPs with ongoing training opportunities in advanced healthcare, life skills, and customer service related topics. This allows the LCP to further develop their knowledge and skills in order to have the ability to care for a wider range of clients based on their needs.  

We are very proud of our new Life Care Professional program and the many opportunities it will bring for our trusted and valued caregivers.

Please join us in congratulating our new Life Care Professionals!

We would like to recognize some of our very special Life Care Professionals. They are chosen by their respective teams and each brings amazing caregiving, compassion, and love to our clients and families. Thank you for going the extra mile with your care!

Patriot Care: Trisha Deaton
Complete/Catastrophic Care: Stacie Rutley 
Patriot Care: Amanda Frisbie
Brookhaven Manor: Chiffon Walker
Patriot Care: Krysta Gravelle
Complete/Catastrophic Care: Mackenzie Carano
Safe At Home: Kaley Kauff
Brookhaven Manor: Kathy Hunter

Congratulations, LCPs!

Patriot Care Updates

The Patriot Care team has continued to grow throughout the last quarter and has expanded as far north as Traverse City and Rogers City.

Patriot Care is now serving 160 Veterans throughout the state of Michigan and even into Ohio.

Safe At Home Child Care Updates

Safe at Home Child Care will be expanding their training to help families navigate through virtual learning for the upcoming school year.

Also, Safe at Home’s new Nanny Share program will be rolled out this month. A nanny share can be a great way to lower the cost while allowing families to reap the same benefits as a nanny.

Kennedy Care Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

In alignment with our core value of authenticity, we have come together to form a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. We intend for this to be a space where all of us feel welcome to not only express thoughts or concerns involving diversity, equity, and inclusion but also enlighten and empower each other. We hope to aid in the development of life-long foundational skills that enable us to understand the diverse world around us through open communication, increased self-awareness, and mindfulness of our own as well as others’ behavior. 

Since its inception in June, the committee has already made large strides toward making Kennedy Care a more inclusive workplace. In a few months, the administrative employees will be attending multiple training sessions delivered by a third party in an effort to uncover and combat our unconscious biases. We then plan to develop training modules in LearnUpon to make this same information available to all Life Care Professionals. 

In addition to the administrative training, we are currently working on revisions to our Client Agreement to strictly define tolerable behaviors and grounds for terminations for clients in all programs. This will work in tandem with a third-party reporting system that Life Care Professionals can use to safely and effectively divulge information regarding mistreatment, discrimination, and other breaches of this contract. 

While all of this is taking place, we have developed a large number of resources that Life Care Professionals can use to educate themselves, understand their own unconscious biases, and recognize discriminatory behaviors. You can access a few of these resources by clicking the links below. New resources will be available in each edition of this newsletter.

Happy Birthday!

August 1st
Kalilan Alhousseini-Goga 
Keshona Miller 
Marisa Davis
Savannah Schroeder 
Makayla Roeder 

August 2nd
Abigail Puckett 

August 3rd
Athari Aziz
Diamond Wojciechoski 

August 4th
Anna Sharp

August 5th 
Oluseyi Gabriel 
Kenley Jewell 

August 6th 
Felly Thoye 
Shannon Turco
Quasheena Weaks 
Katie Wood 

August 7th 
Carrie Garrett
Safire Perea
Daryl Bonner 

August 9th 
Barbara McGuire
Allison Little 
Rebecca Fellows 

August 12th
Kathy Hunter
Becky Cooper
Grainisha Pierce 

August 16th
Tracy Cervenka

August 17th
Haya Beydoun
August 19th
Thelma Squires
Lauren Nyitray

August 20th
Amanda Frisbie
Amber Woosley
Alexis Johnson 
Grace Krzyzaniak

August 22nd
Doug Daggs

August 23rd
Holly Stanley

August 24th
Lisa McMillan 

August 25th
Amanda Marceau 

August 26th
Monica Buckley
Victoria Bishop
Savanna Colter

August 27th
Amanda Choryan 

August 28th
Bridgette Walker
Carolyn Latham 

August 29th
Dashia McCaw-Lanehart
Samantha Young 

August 30th
Erin Yoder 

August 31st
Tashana Franklin

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