Employee Newsletter – May 2021


Nurses Week 2021

May Vaccine Updates

Congratulations to LCP Denise Kennedy!

She is the winner of the April t-shirt drawing!
If you haven’t already, send a photo of your Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card to hr@kennedycare.com to be entered into a drawing for a free KC t-shirt! 

The next drawing will May 24 so be sure to send the photo as soon as possible. Haven’t received your vaccination yet? We will have a repeat drawing in June. 

Vaccine finder resources:

Team Updates

Please welcome Stephanie Martinez-Becerra, Patriot Care’s newest recruiter!

Stephanie graduated from WCC with an Associate’s degree this year and will be attending the University of Michigan – Dearborn in Fall 2021 to finish her bachelor’s degree in Human Resources. Stephanie is excited to start this new chapter in her career and is looking forward to seeing where it takes her! After work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, crafting, and cooking. 

Welcome to the KC family! 

Kennedy Care Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

May is National Mental Health Month! Recognized since 1949, this year’s theme will highlight the fact that “You Are Not Alone.” Working together, we can use this time to focus on the healing value of connecting in safe ways and realizing a shared vision of a nation where anyone can receive appropriate support and quality of care to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

 The last year has been challenging for all of us in many different ways, but you all have never wavered in your commitment to delivering our mission, which we cannot thank you for enough. Please view the links below for some mental wellness tips and activities to practice during this National Mental Health Month – and remember, please take mental breaks to take care of yourself as often as you need. #breakthestigma

Employee Survey 📋 📋 📋 

Please watch your inbox for Kennedy Care’s Employee Engagement survey, which should be sent within the next week. We need your input to make sure Kennedy Care is an equitable, safe and fulfilling workplace. 

Life Care Professionals of the Month are chosen by their respective teams and each brings amazing caregiving, compassion, and love to our clients and families. Thank you for going the extra mile with your care!

Patriot Care:  Marc Burger
Catastrophic Care:  Kalilan Alhousseini-Goga
Safe at Home: Chidera Perry
Share the Care: Suzanne Lima

Congratulations, LCP’s!

Payroll Reminders

Nobody wants a late paycheck! Late timesheets have been a problem recently. Please be sure to meet the following deadlines so that you receive your payment on time. 

  • Kennedy Care – Timesheets are due Monday every week by 12 pm (noon)
  • Safe At Home – Timesheets are due by midnight of the day the shift is worked.

Happy Birthday!

Please join us in celebrating the May birthdays of our employees!

Michael  Vliet    5/2
Ashley  Hummel    5/2
Dora  Byrd    5/4
Daniel  Bloink    5/4
Shannon Howard    5/5
Megan Weaver    5/6
Brittany Schooley    5/6
Chloe  Gadberry    5/6
Vicky  Mangandog    5/7
Christina  Bowers    5/7
John Deneau    5/7
Rene Stanloski    5/8
Alexsus Holt    5/9
Kayla  Ellis    5/9
Shannon  Skelton    5/12
David  Hall    5/13
Emily   Coughlin    5/13
Jamilah  Parker    5/13
Rebecca Scoviac    5/14
Heather Hurst    5/14
Jennifer Mejia    5/14
Savanna Cotter    5/14
Sheila  Robins-Hartegan    5/15
Larhonda Aldridge    5/15
Nikaija  Colbert    5/15
Melissa Alvarez    5/16
Latasha Reeves    5/16
Sarah Zettle    5/17
Savana Rolle    5/17
Ashten Petravicius    5/18
Sue Benac    5/19
Joanne  Martincic    5/23
Veronica Howe    5/23
April  Watkins    5/24
Elizabeth  Wells    5/24
Trisha Sylvester    5/25
Debra  Newland    5/26
Tamika  Anderson    5/26
Maisha  Parks    5/26
Margaret  Brown    5/27
Lana  Brown    5/27
Caitlin    Tessman    5/29
Edward    Foose    5/30
Princess    Kirkwood    5/30
Christin    Dewberry    5/30
Melissa    Beyrand    5/30

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