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Meet Ruthie Shackelford, Administrative Assistant at Kennedy Care!

Hi, I’m Ruthie! I just joined Kennedy Care about a month ago, and I use my background in psychology to provide service and support to the KC team and our clients. Here’s more info about me!

This photo of me and my brother (I’m the baby of three) was taken at a tower house in Ireland. I’d always wanted to go to Ireland, and I finally got to go this past March (we were there over St. Paddy’s!)

This is me and my “son,” Marble, building a snowman; he’s very much like a toddler or a puppy – he always wants to know what you’re doing and will help if he can! 

This is me and my boyfriend, Matt. My parents recently moved to Grand Haven and this was taken on one of our trips out to see them. We love going on adventures, whether that’s driving across the country, state, or to a grocery store. I’m also a sucker for nachos… 

I really love supporting Matt’s band, Lake Mosaic; I’ve only missed about two shows in the last 8.5 months! They have a new EP coming out (with a song about me, hehe) and a couple of music videos that will drop soon!

I am a published author! I’ve been writing stories ever since I could form sentences. I published my first book, “Banjaxed: The Prince of Wolves,” under the pseudonym Celka Fernando Thrush on July 8th, 2021. I’m currently (very slowly) working on the rest of the series; it’s a fun sci-fi/fantasy/adventure story with something for everyone–fun for all ages! The puppy is Freddie, and he belongs to the bassist of Lake Mosaic.

Another still of me and Marble, but this is my author photo that is featured in my book! Though I think Marble is more photogenic than I am.

When I had COVID, my cats always made sure I was warm; I think they could tell I was sick – they’d lay on my chest and sniff my breath a lot. I also decided I wasn’t going to let COVID get me down, so I wore my own little “corona” for the sake of the pun.

My mom, pictured here, is super important to me, and she is such a wonderful hostess.

A not-so-fun fact about me is that I get extremely motion-sick 🙁 

This is probably my favorite picture of myself; it was taken at Torc waterfall in Ireland. I saw this butterfly on the ground with a battered wing and offered it my finger for support, it crawled right onto my hand. I felt like such a magical princess to be holding a butterfly in the lush forest of Ireland with a waterfall in the background!

Ruthie, thank you for sharing your story! We are excited to have your spunky, creative energy on our team!

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