Employee Newsletter – August 2021


August 2021 Employee Newsletter

Welcome to the Kennedy Care monthly employee newsletter! Here, you will find important announcements, celebrations and details on new hires. Great things are happening at Kennedy Care and we want to share the good news regularly with our trusted and valued employees!

Top News

Kennedy Care is continuing our strict mask-use policy. You must wear one at all times when in a client’s home, regardless of vaccination status.

We appreciate you keeping our clients, families and yourself safe and healthy!

Please view the links below to find out more information about the COVID-19 vaccine. If you are already vaccinated, please send a photo of your vaccine card to hr@kennedycare.com for our records!

Vaccine Resources

Team Updates

Please join us in welcoming the following administrative employees to the Kennedy Care family!

Chloe Stetler
Patriot Care Administrative Assistant

Crystal Hughes
Share the Care Wellness Coordinator

Leighanna Hutchison 
Patriot Care Care Coordinator

Shianne Grigoletti 
Recruiting Coordinator

Aubry Walsh
Recruiting Coordinator

Welcome to the KC Family!

Life Care Professionals of the Month are chosen by their respective teams and each brings amazing caregiving, compassion and love to our clients and families. Thank you for going the extra mile with your care!

Patriot Care: Amie Trevillian
Catastrophic Care: Kaoly Kue
Safe at Home: Madelyn Swain

Share the Care: Amber Steanhouse
CuraVitae: Amie Tatham

Congratulations, LCPs!

Training Updates

We are extremely excited to continue our virtual training for all employees! Please join us for the following online events:

End of Life Care Training Part II: Tuesday, August 24 from 2pm – 3pm

The links to the virtual training will be sent out the week prior. If you have questions regarding the virtual training or would like to ask about in-person skills training, please reach out to Becky Maley at becky@kennedycare.com

Remember, you get paid to complete training!

Learn more about Kennedy Care Academy

Kennedy Care Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

August is National Wellness Month! National Wellness Month focuses on self-care, managing stress and promoting overall healthy routines. Research has shown that acts of self-care have a positive effect on managing stress and promoting happiness! Several simple types of self-care include disconnecting from tech, drinking lots of water or treating yourself.

Please view the links below to find a few ways that you can participate in National Wellness Month this August. 

8 Ways to Celebrate National Wellness Month

Well-Being Culture

15 Ways to Practice and Promote Wellness

Let’s make well-being a priority all year long!

Happy Birthday!

Please join us in celebrating the birthdays of our employees this August!

Kalilan Al-Housseini Goga

Cathy Santora

Cheyenne Westbrook

Richard Johnson

Roshandra Arrington

Ruth Porter

Heather Keener

Amanda Bologna

Shannon Turco

Katie Wood

Daryl Bonner Jr.

Alicia Calhoun

Donyell Brown

Allison Little

Barbara McGuire

Sam Walker

Jeanette Albers

Tiffany Druschel

Michelle Roberts

Becky Cooper

Jillian Czajka

Kathy Hunter

Mary Alexander

Vicki LaCouriser

Audra Belcher

Tracy Cervenka

Carla Helzer
Sam Douglas

Marilou Uhl

Thelma Squires

Theresa King

Ashley Patterson

Allison Helton

Amanda Frisbie

Gail Kross

Alexandra Elliott

Meagan Woerner

Gena Remsing

Melissa Burkett

Amy prater

Lisa McMillan

Amanda Marceau

Victoria Bishop

Amanda Choryan

Jane Finucane-Raymond

Kenny Trabbic

Carolyn Latham

Brianna Clark

Kristi Krampe

Katie Shuerman

Cecilia Korte

Seth Bernstein

Darycka Knop
Tashana Franklin
Shawana Gillespie

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